OASIS Season #7 Opening

OASIS Season #7 Opening Wednesday 1.2.2017 14-18

Come to celebrate the OASIS Spring 2017 with candies, coffee, warm words and playful surprises! Our guest speakers will talk about escape rooms, good workplaces and game histories. As usual, also changes of the season will be revealed. The event is organized by OASIS, free of charge and open for everyone!


OASIS Season #7 Episode Guide
Annakaisa Kultima and the OASIS Team, University of Tampere
Escape rooms – human traps
Teemu Itkonen, Escape room expert
How Vincit became Vincit
Pasi Kovanen, Head of marketing and brand, Vincit
Experiences of My Game History exhibition
Viveka, Päivi & Joanna

Free play!

The Event is open for everyone! Welcome! WELCOME!!!