With heavy hearts, we are closing OASIS for now due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

After consulting the university’s corona task force, we have decided that this is the best course of action in the current situation.

The space will be closed to the public starting on Friday 13.3.
We are also not currently accepting any new event requests or spot reservations.

We apologize to all of our visitors, and hope that this decision will help in slowing down the spread of the virus.

OASIS is a social space and living lab at the Tampere University

In OASIS the new and old media, informal and formal learning come together. OASIS is a place for people to have a break and relax, play games or study. OASIS is the home for Game Research Lab game and book collection and a meeting point for students, staff and visitors of the Tampere University.  OASIS is open for everybody!


OASIS Opening Hours

Monday-Thursday: 8-18
Friday: 8-16

All the computers, board games and other fun things in the open in OASIS are free to use by all our visitors!

Bookable Spots

You can also reserve any spot in OASIS for playing or any other activity during our normal opening times.

For more information check out our OASIS Booking Form.

OASIS After Hours

OASIS can be reserved for free for private After Hour use from Mondays to Thursdays 18-20

You can do so by using the OASIS Booking Form.

OASIS Events and Talks

OASIS also hosts various events and talks that are always free and open for everyone to participate!

Find more info in the About and OASIS Talks sections.


5 months ago

Welcome to the first OASIS Lunchtime talk of 2020! Our speaker today is Jesper Juul from Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design. The topic for the talk today is "Handmade Pixels:Indie Video Games and the Quest for Authenticity"

5 months ago

Mental Health: The Game available in Oasis from 20.1.-28.2. Come and help science by answering questions with memes, stickers, pictures and texts. New memes added every day!

You can also fill out a survey related to mental health and memes here: bit.ly/mentalhealthgame

6 months ago

If you want a warm cup of coffee while enjoying Oasis, you can always use our coffee machine!
That is of course, if our unicorn friend haven't reserved it...🦄

6 months ago

Oasis is a wonderful space to come with your friends to hang out and play! Oasis is free of charge and is meant for everyone! Welcome!
Ps. You can also come alone.

6 months ago

Hopefully everyone had a relaxing holiday 😀
Today OASIS will open again for the spring semester, so be sure to stop by to rest, play some games, chill or have something nice and warm to drink ☕️

6 months ago

Happy New Year everyone! Hyvää uutta vuotta kaikille!

Thanks to everyone who visited OASIS this year and hopefully we will see you again in 2020 when OASIS opens on January 7th!

Special thanks to all Key Masters and staff who helped to maintain OASIS and make it the special place that it is ❤️

6 months ago

Happy Holidays to everyone! Hyvää joulua kaikille!

7 months ago

OASIS is closed starting today!
We will open again on Tuesday 7th of January 2020.
Happy holidays to everyone and see you next year!

7 months ago

As the year comes to an end, so does OASIS go to its deserved winter slumber. This is the last week we're open before we close for the holidays, but there are still events to attend!

Monday 9.12 14:15-16:00: ITC Bachelor's thesis seminar!
Come to OASIS to listen as students present and discuss their projects in information studies and interactive media! The event will be held in Finnish.

Tuesday 10.12 18:00-20:00: The Game Music Experience 2!
Academic Gamers set the stage for another game ... See more

7 months ago

Welcome to our livestream today! Our topic is Finnish and Polish educational board games in the mid-19th century. Presentation by Maria B. Garda.

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Friday, June 19th, 2020 at 11:06am
Hauskaa juhannusta kaikille! Happy Midsummer everyone!

OASIS will definitely be back in the future but we don't know the timetable yet, so stay tuned for future updates!

#oasisutafi https://t.co/6mimdyCRWo
oasisutafi photo
Thursday, March 12th, 2020 at 9:03am
We are closing OASIS for now due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The space will be closed to the public starting on Friday 13.3. We are not currently accepting any new event requests or spot reservations. We hope that this decision will help in slowing down the spread of the virus.
Tuesday, March 10th, 2020 at 11:11am
Here is a few new games among many others from Humble Bundle now available in Oasis. Feel free to come and check them out! #oasisutafi https://t.co/0g4hWDRIom oasisutafi photo
Thursday, March 5th, 2020 at 8:43am
You can still participate in Mental Health The Game up until tomorrow! (Friday 6.3). 16:00. The final question of the experiment is "What is mental health?". #oasisutafi https://t.co/7QySz4znze oasisutafi photo
Monday, February 24th, 2020 at 1:15pm
Tuesday 25th of February there is board game night from 16 to 20 at Oasis! Event is organised by UDK Ry. You are welcome to come here and play with a great company!
#OasisUtafi https://t.co/Pgh7qC1hy9
oasisutafi photo
Wednesday, February 19th, 2020 at 8:21am
There is a new question to Oasis: Mental Health game! Come to Oasis and add your own answer!
#oasisutafi https://t.co/8lLKRa0tHo
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